How to Take Care of the Cello Parts - Things Every Cellist Should Know

Music instruments are very sophisticated by nature and every musicians need to take care of them so that they can use them for long. Usually, these instruments are expensive by nature, and that is why buying them frequently is not possible for every player. The best thing to keep them fit and working is to take care of them so that they can avoid all the risk factors and stay fit and healthy. Like any other music instrument, your cello is also very sophisticated and that is why you need to take care of it in the best possible manner.

Priceless Tips That Will Motivate Every Collector of Indian Notes

There is a saying that if you remain focused in life, you can achieve absolutely anything. When I started collecting old notes of India, five years back, people used to laugh at me and call me names. But, none of that could diminish my passion for learning about history of Indian notes. I stuck to my passion like chalk and cheese. Initially, I used to grow impatient very easily, but then, I realised that patience is a very important virtue when it comes to collecting special currency notes of India. First of all, you need to have a clear motive behind pursuing this hobby. If your sole motive is to make money, then I would suggest that there are many other ways in which you can do that. But the real intention behind collecting rare notes of India is gaining knowledge then you are at the right place. More than anything else, studying about various aspects of history of Indian notes should make you happy from within. Once you start enjoying what you are doing, you will naturally start doing it with more dedication. You never know, you might as well end up making a lot of money!

Major Myths And Facts About Depression Everybody in This 21'st Century Should Know!

One of my patients asked me to change my designation as stress and wellness specialist rather than a psychiatrist. It really surprised me. She was in depression for last 3-4 months and was facing lots of stress at the workplace due to mental disabilities caused by depression. Three years ago her mother also tried to commit suicide because of depression. Despite knowing all facts about depression, she was feeling awkward going to a psychiatrist because of so called stigma attached to it. She did not take appropriate steps to solve the problem by consulting the Psychologist or Psychiatrist. Finally, she was not able to continue her job and faced many psychosocial consequences. Being a mental health professional, we are observing their problems daily. We observe people wasting their productive years due to repeated episodes of depression. Because of that, I want to share some myths and facts related to depression and other psychiatric illnesses.