Prepare Your Baby For Light Winters! - Kids & Teens

Infants, babies and toddlers are suspectable to the slightest change in the weather. Make a mistake in clothing them; you may cause your dear baby to become sick. And once babies fall sick, everything turns into a disaster.

Arts and Crafts for Cold Winter Days

When it's cold, the chances are that your little ones are less inclined to want to go and play outside. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as you probably don't want them catching a cold from the cool winter air! Luckily, when the weather is particularly frosty and you are cooped up inside with restless kids, there are some fun arts and crafts that will keep them entertained for hours. Here are just a few ways in which to keep your kids busy in winter:

Essential Fall and Winter Skin Care Tips for Those With Psoriasis

The cold fall and winter months can definitely do some serious damage to the skin, especially to those people with skin conditions such as psoriasis. The cold dry air and below freezing winds can make the skin flaky and super dry which could worsen psoriasis symptoms in no time. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent, or at least minimize fall-winter related psoriasis flare ups. Let me share to you some of them.

Protein Smoothies For Faster Weight Loss in Winters

Does our body really need protein? Can't agree more when almost all the commercials endorse "nutritional" products that are high in protein content. Isn't it the reason why every other health enthusiast is urged to buy smoothie protein to manage a healthy routine. what could be better than having a protein superfood smoothie to gulp down the needed nutrition into the body that too in one go?

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